On what is LOTSE based?

LOTSE – COACHING is  based  on the of humanistic psychology  principles which “ The man itself is the active decorator of his existence ”. COACHING is an emotional and cognitive process that provokes deep changes in the coachee. What is more from the Behaviorism school, LOTSE-COACHING, the more frequent problems come out  and they arise when the men  behavior models are only suitable situations. Since the men behavior  most of all determined, the not effective models of behavior have to uncover and determine them again. These changes take time and are carried out in the short term.
The point of deporture  of LOTSE-COACHING is not the problem, but “ the orientation of solution ”, since the collaborator “ takes implicitly all the resources that are necessary to get rid of his problem ”. With this the solution and the problem are not related one to  the other. For its  practical services it makes possible that the trainer{coach} surrounds all the actionsprevioesly  loaded with problems in the comprehension of communication and knowledge and  therefore he can find the way in order to solvethose problems.
LOTSE-COACHING  follows a systematical beginning, “ The man is perceived by the relation between his enviroment other men  .We can changeonly ourselves directly. If the coachee  changes his behavior  ,he introduces these changes in others , this way we change indirectly the others.
The vision of solution creates (in the imagination) results of life and it stimulates the formation of new effects in the brain. Due to the experimental progressive and temporarily limited conversion of the action of solution and  the action of success, a determined positive behavior also happens  for experiences of imaginary success with feedback experience  of the positive success that  would be created in the behavior changes .
The union of LOT-COACHING and our coach (LOT-COACHING) is ideal as preparation for LOTSE-COACHING ,it diminishes in an opportune way the psychic, physical difficulties and the anxious states. Consequently they complement and support  mutually each other
What is LOTSE - COACHING base don?
The training Coaching contains processes of the moderate emotional, affective behavior,as well as cognitive - rational, it even creates the conditions of  success and provokes deep changes along with the client. With the support of the psychological school of Behaviorism LOTSE - COACHING, the problems go out more frequently  and arise when the models of men  behavior are only reasonable situations. Since the man  behavior is,most of the times  determined, not affective models of behavior have to uncover and be determined again. These changes take time and are carried out in the short term.
LOTSE-COACHING  in direction to  interrogative guides and conditions for success.
In LOTSE-COACHING the interrogative relative tools  are used according to the cognitive - affective importance as¨ neurological projectors ¨, however it is obtained  in the same way when the nucleus in a vision of solution of a light event puts itself with more frequency facing the critical emotional and affective moment.
It makes posible for people  to go out of the center of the problem and of the vicious circle to an imaginary circle of angels of experiences of success and with the effect of formation of new images in the brain.In that way  new options of action are opened with a confidence towards an increased success and also  the negative focus transforms in positive focus. For the experimental progressive and temporarily limited conversion of the action of solution, a determined positive
Behavior  happens which provoques  the realized actions get improved.
The vision of solution with imaginary results of life, opens to the client new options and a new optimism towards the solution to which LOTSE-COACHING is leveling the ways with relatively short steps and the new behaviors  promise to  find  the lost ways with more frequency  in a successful way.
What beginning and technical bases does LOTSE-COACHING trust  in?
What is COACHING based on  to develop  it wide experiences in different regions? For COACHING integration, Dr. Adalbert Bader has used Coaching as training model  in his university clases practices in oder  , to develop the instruction of skills in Software, to extract the qualifications key and to perfect the orientation program to offer solutions and results. He  takes renewals of the interior and  then integrates them  to the already available beginnings. It appears especially with this: the inclusion of theories dother  from Psychology and psychotherapy, as well as the(NLP)  linguistic Neuro program, the systematical consultation, the transaction analysis ,the system theory and other theories as well as trainings models faced to give solution created by  Steve D. Shazer and the model  resources  Züricher (ZRM), determined models of Pawlows from all this Orientations to give solutions and results (LOTSE-COACHING) was born.
The direction will support the already existing beginning that have given good results with the additional aspects. The emotional moderate imagination and the determined behavior have become new inside the training.These  are considered to be as  scientific neurological knowledge .The questions of decisions  taking  are accompanied by sensations in relation to the system of emotional evaluation with fluorescent somatic  roturadores in LOTSE-COACHING.
The  cvsare divided in articulated phases, for modules with the necessary tools  for the achievement of the only stages of training, later the reference is possible to 5 compact modules that participants of the seminar know how to  carry out independently from the beginning  at the end a draft will happen  with a finished conversation of training.In the appliance  of practical knowledge of many years as well as his didactic university practice, Dr. Adalbert Bader has developed an individual training up to now.