How does LOTSE-Coaching work?

During the orientation  process COACHING included the experience  potential and available emotion in order  to obtain  a state of fluency  with regards to  the vision of solution, they will imagine a deviation that stops the  problema result , this happens with the stimulation of resources to the formation of new connections in the brain. By imagination and emotional experiences this moment of success can be appealed in the unconscious and his subconscious thing  as a resource to find ideal solutions and with that a trustworthy support to use lifes potential resources. With that ,our Coach provides  the access to inexhaustible and potential resources in which a cognitive direct access is not  available on intellectual and spiritual processes.
It this way your unconscious and subconscious can be used to give solutions, they never receive these solutions as form of intuitions of BELLY SENSATION  in ideas and thoughts. Many users perceive this technique as a kind of our Coach is help  and it appears on the website as questions, decisions or difficulties.
With its help you know what:
1. They obtain their goals more easily.
2. They increase their creativity and they develop innovative ideas.
3. They solve their professional problems and move forward in work.
4. their capacity of communication improves completely.
5. They develop their personality,they  strengthen their self conscience  and they wake up their interior silence.
6. They find the sense of their life.
And… And… And …