Experience reports

The pupils of scientific spirit and the Social Scientific Faculty, as well as other faculties (Economic Sciences, Computer science, Physics, Engineerings,) of Karlsruhe University give their opinions about the seminars of LOTSE-COACHING.


In Coaching I have learned to communicate my feelings. I want to keep these perceptions for me. I have learned to stop myself in critical situations (to breathe deeply) and to consult inside of me.

I remember how efficient you can learn from the dreams and how it extracts at the end the vision of solution. Besides I can move towards the future.
The process of personal changes transports models of behavior and people reflect on the emotional direction of Gudrun N´s behaviour because of Coaching I have not been with any other man and that is good. But I have new sides in my rediscovery that I believed they were already lost. I remember some time ago I was saying to a friend “ a happy man is better ”. Surely one turns out to be old, more mature and contemplates life in a more serious way. In the frame of Coaching, I have recovered a few pieces of facilities to discover.
Although being in the position of a Master of the situation and to act independently does not want to say, nevertheless, that you can allow yourself to be influenced by emotions.
I cannot forcé myself to be happy, but I know how to find myself on time and have laughed very much, I can invoke a vision of the solution and possess again this happiness.


The way our teacher has obtained the matter and the value of his experience, is surprising, besides the examples of his private life are a good support in the clarification of what we´ve learned. The help of our teacher was indispensable. Particularly for the certification and the graphic work.

Not only me, but also it called the attention of the group that I had developed as a center and a very good listener. They observed changes in my appearance, in the way of expressing myself and in my sensibility.
So that on a stimulated impulse, the conditioning of my behavior had happened without difficulties, I also had made use of this change in the relation with my friend and in the working life. This was observed by the new activated energies and the facility. I Dominated tasks with.
In the flash " round " it has turned out that almost all participants had obtained 80 % of the awaited purpose.


At first it seemed to me that it was a short a time of seminar for such a task. Howerer, these doubts were disappearing in the second session, at the bottom of the events happiness, fun, and the group. Experiences were prejerred.

Only experiencing the role of "Guide" (Coach) and traince (Coachee) a conversation is seen as  practice, Emotions, and sensations are born even before. The end of sesión.
Definitively I want to say that I have experienced the seminar intensely. Most of the time I was very perceptible, since I had to be very concentrated all the time.
You can achieve this in group contact.


I have liked LOTSE-Coaching particularly since I have learned that actually nothing is so decisive intellectually.

The sensation of pure happiness and the emotional and unconscious behavior are decisive. This motivates my future. It is worthy to mention the change in my personal adjustment and that of my similar ones. I was obsessed by prejudices in conversations. Then I have noticed that the analysis does not begin with the oncs that step near me. First of all, I try to analyze myself, to find my mistakess and they correct them to me.
I have felt more sensitive after the seminar. Some aspects of behavior I had not perceived earlier, suddenly became decisive factors for me.
In general, I can say that LOTSE-Coaching seminar is effective. You learn the importance of emotional behavior. Which has make me think particularly on the small significance that intellectual behavior has in a respectful communication in the human race.
You must never undervalue the small advances that are seen in the seminar. Precisely these progresses are prior conditions for the knowledge and conditioning of the strategies of the solution.
During and after this seminar I have stated certain developments in my personality before LOTSE-Coaching. I was satisfied with small experiences of success; after the seminar it is fascinating to experiment how glad I was  with my study and personal success.


The usage of an image for a Coaching case is a very good method. The client opens up more and he is motivated to help himself.

Now along with other people they can describe their problem or their vision of solution with an image and they have a panoramic unlimited view.
The outside reaction - the smile - is almost always the same and sometimes the look becomes also more perspicacious, this has happened to me personally.


In the work reviewed of the first part of the seminar work I have reviewed repeatedly my experiences as Coachee and in the initial discomfort that I was feeling in this role. I removed my initial reflections rapidly and I am grateful with what I could do with my own experience.

My negative image of Coaching cannot be understood as I can be saved by chance, the image of the midwife has changed in my memory long ago.


Images of practical roles: my aptitude to talk has improved in general and it motivates people who come to me and describe their problems. With this in my brain I have the image of the ship´s practical one, the captain who just operates the ship into unknown waters.


LOTSE-Coaching has showed me a way through which I would like to continue further to evolve since at the beginning I realized I was on my own. The trip was rich in experiences and interesting, I have known some points in my inside that  i was not aware of and now I am developing others of my personality.

When communicating with people of Little technical understating I always had difficulties and generally I offer them the knowledge clearly. The instructions always became complicated and you quit , after trying it, the interest of increasing confrontations, homewer different senses were awarded,  you used images for the explanations and then you combined it ideally with pleasantries, you do things more available and clearer. For a short period of time time fluency of thought is evident and they observe, that is good because I have reached the goal and i can direct the condition of things.
For acting with empathy it is possible to act in conversationsin a calm safe way.

The seminar helped me to uncover secret capacities in my inside and it gave me a new view of the possibilities of internalizing communication and its organization. Better emotional situations can be recognized for instance.The  great importance or meaning relationships.


Earlier often I said “ it is bad,it goes like this”.it was leading to the negative attitude. stubbornness and ignorance were annulling alternative solutions. For the seminar, the popular wisdom was coming to my “ sound, music ” everything was clearing up more.

lately I realized that it is possible to talk more actively and this attracted my attention. It is possible to create the concrete hardware and to begin a scale of questions in suitable places.
This "active" conversation is more intense and it  can be seen the importance of the conventional conversation. Concretely the situation is understood better.
I have understood that  despite many technical possibilities, the conversation is the best possibility of communication.
Since I want to take conversations privately and in professional life, I must create the hardware to the beginning of the training since they are decisive until the  end of life.
indeed, I believe that this will cost me efforts in the improvement of my improvement in other places but “visions without actions are hallucinations ”