Why does LOTSE-coaching work?

Only men must be found with a minimum of conscience and emotions to meet  a situation and to find good rational decisions. This is Paradoxical. Nevertheless, it is considered that only with a minimum of conscience and emotions men can transform the space of rational search and the complex processes of search reducing them proportionally¨. With this target it is possible to preserve the useful solutions. This points out that there is a game of teams between perception, thought, memory, emotions and motivation by LOTSE-COACHING. These mutual relations drive to behavior and experiences of the man.

Only the comprehension of these three variables makes possible globally understanding of  human experiences and the exploration of the behavior later it is posible  to obtain changes of  behavior motivated by the expected success.

LOTSE-COACH is potentially your  bridge builder.

By your coach LOTSE, you send  signs to your  unconscious and subconscious. They can make better  use of their interior reserves, this way you  perceivefor example. That hey can use more their intuition and interpret clearly the signs of the body

The bridge allows the subconscious to come to new visions of solution, an example. It is uncertain that this must continue only  from the professional point of view intead, you can ask for help. Your unconscious and subconscious are stimulated by LOTSE-COACH and they will enjoy the visions of solution and they are incited to intuitions, interior images, thoughts, dreams or options of solution and ¨new ways are leveled in the thickness¨. With the help of LOTSE-COACHING they are combined with imaginary results in the brain and they never cause moments of real reasonings