A new vision in the Integral Pyramid of Personal Fitness Coaching Cover

LOTSE Coaching - a very effective form of individual and group training for personal growth

This book provides new visions and effective forms of individual and group training with the LOTSE Coaching program for psychic and social growth of the personality.
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 A new vision in the Integral Pyramid of Personal Fitness Coaching Cover

A new vision in the Integral Pyramid of Personal Fitness Coaching

The motive of the realization of this compendium focuses on an integrator system of work to enrich the human being's quality of life where he is the main character of his own life.
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Training program oriented to successful solutions. LOTSE-Coaching.

Dear visitor:

Our most sincere welcome to our website, LOTSE-COACHING (LOesungsorienTierteS Erfolgs-Coaching). Translated in English as training oriented to successfull solutions. We are glad that you have found us.

LOTSE-COACHING (is now oriented to give solutions), its software skills must increase the possibilities of behavior in communication with social and personal purposes.

LOTSE-Coaching, is the key component of qualifications that receive an increasing meaning not only in the formation frame of Social and Economic Sciences, but also in the engineer´s novel scientific formation and the study for teachers.

LOTSE-COACHING, in its active reserves trusts in the principle of linguistic intervention as well as the direction of questions. (Example of questions: how are the reins the horses are led with?), these are like “neurones projectors” in LOTSE training. The solution, the vision of solution along with the imaginary success (as if success had happened) is that the diagnosis of the will not be problem in the first plane of “ LOTSE- Coaching solutions oriented to success”. The vision of solution as an instrument to the usage of better resources is largely used to the gradual loss of the diagnosed problem.

In the process LOTSE-COACHING process, you will know the origin, the effects, the users experiences, the courses in Karlsruhe University and in the superior Pedagogical School of  Karlsruhe.

We will be glad that you use this program for yourself “ LOTSE-COACHING “

Dr. Adalber Bader
Dr. Adalbert Bader, Teacher of Karlsruhe University Germany: LOTSE-Coaching, LOT-Coaching, BORD-Coaching and Personal-Fitness-Coaching, personal trainer of the good condition of the rhythm and the conditioning of body and mind.
Since 2005, Dr. Bader, is a Teacher of Coaching in Karlsruhe University Germany. He has working experience as individual trainer that is based on the three fundamental parts of the System.